Missing In Action- Eleven


“So, young man. I didn’t quite understand you. You say you’re here because of my Maryam?”

“Yes Sir. I have come to ask for her hand in marriage.”

“But I’ve never met you before and Maryam hasn’t told me about you or that you’ll be coming to ask for her hand.” The older man looks confused.

“I know sir.”

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Missing In Action – Ten


Is this older man laughing at me? I can see the humor dancing in his eyes and his lips turn up in the beginning of a smile.

“Sir, are you going to say something?”

He actually smiles now. “Ladi, what do you want me to say? The girl wants Qur’an lessons then give her Qur’an lessons. She figured you’re the best teacher she can get around here and she’s making good use of the opportunity.”

Alhaji Audu doesn’t seem to get me. As much as I don’t remember my old life, being in constant close proximity with a non- mahram female doesn’t seem like something I was used to. Now, how am I supposed to teach Amirah? I was comfortable with staying away from the young women of the home as much as I could. I had come to Alhaji Audu to inform him after telling Amirah that I’ll need his permission first but the man somehow finds the situation funny.

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Missing In Action- Nine


“You better eat the food and stop starving yourself.”

I laugh hysterically, “It will be my pleasure to starve to death. That way I won’t be of any use to you. I’ll eventually be dead so why delay the inevitable?”

“That’s not the type of martyrdom we seek around here. Why waste your life when you can take as many infidels with you along the way? Blow them all up and get the hoor al ayn.

My laughter is uncontrollable this time around. I bowl over and rattle the chains linking my legs to my hands.

“Shut up!” My companion barks through the iron gate. “How dare you laugh at something so serious? Do you not know the status of the martyrs in Islam?” Continue reading

Missing in Action- Eight


It’s almost 5:00am and I just finished making dua after observing witr to complete my night prayers. Mother left last night while Tolani stayed behind. She’ll be spending the week with me like she sometimes does when she’s on break from school. Little Hamzah was glued to her all through and slept in her room instead of mine. My sister has my son wrapped around her fingers because of cakes.

I’m scrolling through all the messages I ignored yesterday to see which ones I need to respond to and stumble on a message from Sherif. He hasn’t called me since our meeting at my parents which I’m grateful for and I wonder why he’s sending me a message now. After contemplating whether to open the message or just delete it, I finally choose to read it. I already told him there was no place for him in my life, right? Continue reading

Missing In Action- Seven


On days like this I wish I was as strong as people make me out to be. On days like this I wish my heart isn’t breaking into bits and pieces and I don’t feel like running away from it all. It is days like this one that scare me and all I can do is cry. Cry and yearn for the gift that was granted to me and is now lost from me. Continue reading